Superior Quality from the first step is not only a key concept connected with the Amar Bros Company for years, it is also expressed in every single area of company expertise right from construction and flooring to the well known quality of ceramic, porcelain and granite tiles.

EXPERIENCE: The Amar Company began its successful activity forty five years ago as a family business. In those days the company focused on home furnishing ( and transportation was carried out on the back of camels and donkeys)Dedicated professional work, top quality materials and high priority to customer service paved the road for the head of the family to undertake additional business activities-among them the tiles industry in 1978.


QUALITY: Years of experience, superior quality and a wide range of tile designs made Pekiin Tiles famous in the world of flooring. Pekiin Tiles specializes in tiles from local stone and imports from the world’s best producers of ceramic and granite tiles .The Company is sole agent of the leading companies from all over the world –Spain, Italy, Turkey, China etc.

With more than twenty eight years of good standing combined with the most advanced production process in this country, professional workers and strict quality control of The Standards Institution of Israel and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate-every single customer is guaranteed a wide range of quality products in every style and color.

The advanced fully automated production process facilitates precise measures, an even distribution on the tile ensuring a superior and perfect finish.

The tiles undergo a strict human quality control when they are checked and sorted one by one.


RANGE: Apart from the abundant choice of tiles at your disposal your home design can be completed with a wide range of bathroom furnishings and accessories such as showers, sinks, toilets, faucets etc. PROFESSIONALISM: Our Business Department is designed to take care of the special needs of our professional customers such as contractors, engineers, architects and designers and help them reach a total solution to their individual needs. In this department you will find a trained engineering and design staff with a high awareness of the special limitations (technical and financial) of every project. We guarantee countrywide and fast delivery.

Bottom Line: From the very first step on Pekiin Tiles you feel it’s the right step.


Private clients from all over the country

Professional clients: architects and interior designers

Contractors with building projects all over the country.

Membership of professional organizations, Member of the Chamber of Commerce Haifa from 1990

Member of the Contractors’ Association, Member of the Craftsman’s Association.

Branches: The Company stores cover an area of 13000 sq. m. in Pekiin and Carmeil in addition to a 3000 sq. m. showroom.

1. Main Branch: Pekiin, Ind. Area .P.O.190 Pekiin.

Phone: +972-4-9976804.

Fax: +972-4-9974769.

2. Akko Branch: Canyon M Hamifratz the southern entrance to Acre (Akko).

Phone: +972-4-9910229

Fax: +972-4-9910228

Construction –builds upon the Amar Bros. Company

The Amar Bros co. Construction Trade and Maintenance Ltd. was founded in 1990. So far the company has achieved impressive success in construction, foundations and development.


The Israeli Electric Company, Dept. of Housing, The Prison Service, The Police , Amidar, City and Regional Councils, leading companies and businesses etc.

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שמעתם מה הולך במרצפות פקיעין ???!
16/07/2015 09:35:00
העיצוב הזה מספיק עדין בשבילכם? מה דעתכם?! תנו לייק לדף הפייסבוק
17/07/2014 13:08:00
بمناسبة عيد الفطر , طاقم عاملي مجموعة اخوان عامر يتمنون لكم عيد فطر سعيد 08/08/13-10/08/13
10/08/2013 23:11:00
תוכנית שווה בדיקה
04/06/2013 12:54:00
מי בא לראות אותנו?? מרצפות פקיעין מקבוצת אחים עאמר גם השנה תשתתף בגני התערוכה מ 21-23/05/13 ..היום הראשון מיועד לאדריכלים ומעצבים וכו .. 22-23/05/13 לבונים ומשפצים ..נשמח לראותכם בין אורחינו
20/05/2013 21:03:00
שנה טובה ומתוקה , הרבה בריאות אושר ועושר
11/09/2012 15:50:00
.ברכות חמות ואיחולים לבביים לבני העדה הדרוזית לרגל יום הנביא סבלאן
11/09/2012 15:45:00
פניה זו מיועדת במיוחד עבור הקהל המקצועי , אדריכלים, מעצבים וכו'' .. נשמח לראותכם.. :)
03/07/2012 16:46:00
אתם מוכנים לתערוכה הבאה 09-12/07/12 בגני התערוכה ת"א , כולם מוזמנים , ב 09/07/12 הכניסה להקל המקצועי , אדריכלים מעצבים וכו''' , 10-12/07/12 לבונים ומשפצים .. נשמח לראותכם בין אורחינו ...
03/07/2012 16:34:00
מי בא לראות אותנו, מרצפות פקיעין מקבוצת אחים עאמר בגני התערוכה - מרכז הירידים בשיתוף מרכז הבנייה הישראלי
03/07/2012 16:27:00
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